Launch Support

Spaceport Support Services has played an integral role in the operation and maintenance of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport located at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. The Spaceport’s two FAA licensed launch pads have supported numerous missions including TacSat 2, NFIRE, and TacSat 3. Future missions include the Commercial Orbital Transport Services (COTS) Demo mission, and NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE).

Our staff is intimately involved with both the new construction at the MARS 0-A launch pad as well as the improvements to the 0-B pad. Pad 0-A will feature a LOX/RP-1 liquid fueling facility, and renovations on pad 0-B will increase the height of the tower to support the launch of ORS-1 and LADEE. This new infrastructure will enhance MARS capabilities with respect to vehicle size and turnaround time between missions. Specifically, the Spaceport Support Services staff helps to augment the MARS technical resourcing for project management, field operations, commodity management, and program logistics.